Krishi Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka (Loan Scheme Organic Farming)

Krishi Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka (Loan Scheme Organic Farming)

With the intention of the making subversive in the state of Karnataka, the state government has established the new welfare scheme for the state farmers. The scheme ‘Krishi Bhagya scheme’ was launched in order to provide essential financial aid to the needed farmers of the state.

Krishi Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka

About the scheme

As nearly about 70% of the state farmers of the Karnataka depends upon the mother nature’s rainfall for their agricultural activity, the state governments planned to introduce the make use of the available modern technology into the farming sector in order to boost its production.

The scheme supports farmers to make use of the available modern technology &farming equipments to improve their cultivation process and also to make sure the practice of the sustainable farming activity in the state better water management systems to be developed under this scheme.

Launch Details of the Scheme

The rain depended farmers welfare scheme Krishi Bhagya was implemented during the year 2014 with the initial budget allocation of Rs. 500 Core by the Chief Minister of the Karnataka State. During the initial period, around 45 hectares in total of 23 districts of the farming lands of the Karnataka was covered under this scheme.

However, the scheme gets frequent updates on following years. With more budget allocation, better irrigation facilities to the farmers of the dry lands were placed and also whooping budget was allocated to this scheme for the supportive of farmers to buy efficient farming equipments with the aid of the loan facility offered under this scheme.

Recent updates done in Krishi Bhagya scheme

The current ruling BJP government in the Karnataka state has updated the existing Krishi Bhagya Scheme by boosting the Loan amount to the farmers to Rs. 10, 00,000 from the nationalized bank at lowest interest of 3%.

With the current updates the budget allocation for this scheme has been increased to whooping 6 hundred crores, with this about 6 lakh farmers of Karnataka can be beneficial. In addition to that about 200 crore has been assigned to develop or to implement micro level irrigation systems to the farmers for ensuring about getting sustainable water supply for the cultivations.

Also, with the updates, the Chief Minister of the state forswearer the Karnataka state farmer’s loan amount which is approximately Rs. 8 Crores availed by the banks in total. After waiving the loan amount, the CM quoted that the Rs. 1.9 Crore has been spent so far under this welfare scheme for the constructions of various irrigation facilities like ponds and so.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The scheme showed a notable improvement in the farming activities and also in the farming productivity by the state farmers of Karnataka, especially the farmers from the dry lands of the state.
  •  Under this Krishi Bhagya Scheme, farming machineries like Tractors, Cultivation machine, digging machines offered at rental basis. Where the rental amounts are fixed at affordable price which can availed by all sector farmers.
  • As per the data released by the official statement of the relevant authority, about 200 centers of offering such farming machineries for rental has been active in the state and in near future about another 250 center will start functioning in various parts of the state.
  • In addition to those facts, farmers are being taught about rainwater harvesting and also making use of the modern technology for Soil-water conservation, post-harvesting of crops, seed processing and so.

With this scheme, the state farmers are facing lot of benefits by covering all the farming related issues which they faced in past. To avail benefits under this scheme, farmers can visit the appropriate Taluka/district offices.

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