Raita (Raitha) Belaku Scheme for 70 lakh Farmers Karnataka Budget 2018-19

Raita (Raitha) Belaku Scheme for 70 lakh Farmers Karnataka Budget 2018-19

The Karnataka state government has announced the implementation of a new scheme termed as Raita Belaku Scheme. The scheme has been announced for farmers who are engaged in dry land farming, such they can be offered with economic benefits. The new scheme has been launched by the state government with an aim to help farmers improve the standard of living. This will help farmers of the state to get independent financially.

Raita Belaku Scheme  Karnataka

Launch details

As per the sources the new scheme for implementation was officially announced by the state government and State Finance Ministry at the time of Budget 2017-18 session.

Beneficiaries under the scheme

  • According to the data collected by the state government, it is expected that the scheme once fully implemented state wide is expected to offer with coverage benefit to over 70 lakh Karnataka state dry land farmers.
  • The state government has also stated that the new scheme is also one of the schemes that is expected to be a biggest program under taken by any state government in terms of number of farmer beneficiaries or coverage.

Key Features

  • Benefits to the Farmers – According to the state government, the scheme after implementation will be offering farmers with economic independence. The farmer registered under the scheme will be able to generate an annual income of Rs 5000 to over Rs 10000 from each hectare of his farm land.
  • Set budget– The state government has also stated that for effective implementation of the scheme within the state for the farmers the government will allocate a set budget of Rs 3500 crore.
  • Area covered – The government has also announced that under the new scheme the government expects to offer coverage to over 64 lakh hectares of farm land that is also the biggest land coverage offered by any other scheme nation wide.
  • Highest beneficiaries – In terms of offering coverage to total number of farmers the government has also stated that as the scheme will be covering over 70 lakh farmers so it is also the biggest scheme run till date by any state government in terms of beneficiaries.
  • Additional benefits for farmers – The state government has also announced a number of additional benefits to the state farmers including Rs 845 crore budget to be implemented for the Raitha Suraksha Scheme for fiscal year 2018-19. The government will also provide Rs 600 crore amount for implementing in the Krishi Bhagya scheme for the farmers along with another package of Rs 50 crore that will be invested for introduction of organic farming for another 1.5 lakh hectares of farm land.

With the announcement of the new budget 2018-19 the state government has focused all its attention towards that farming sector and farmer welfare. The above mentioned scheme will off farmers with additional revenue from their farm lands.

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