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With an aim to eradicate poverty and sustain women empowerment the state government of Kerala has announced to continue with Kudumbashree program. Under the mission the government has also accounted to implement complete list of 20 other programs statewide. The complete list has also been uploaded by the state government officially on the website at kudumbashree.org. The list has been included as a part of the development welfare program by the government for Budget 2018-19.

Kudumbashree Program Scheme Kerala

Implementation details

The entire program for implementation will be regulated by the SPEM (State Poverty Eradication Mission). The program has been selected by the state government for implementation for the current budget session 2018-19.

Budget allocated

The state government of Kerala has also stated that for effective implementation of the program state wide the government has already passed the allocated budget of Rs 200 crore in the Union Cabinet meeting.

Main aim of the Kudumbashree program

The sources have stated that this is a type of community network welfare program that has been introduced by the state government. Under the program the beneficiaries are offered with complete guidelines to all other programs that have been implemented for the welfare including government policies. The program is a type of livelihood program under SRLM (State Rural Livelihood Mission) that is organized by the central government under the NRLM (National Rural Livelihood Mission).

Program list under Kudumbashree

  • Under the program the state government has announced to carry out different beneficiary programs including establishment of enterprise parks for Micro units, getting started with entrepreneurship programs for villages, offering product marketing strategies for Nano markets and offering with online marketing portal services.
  • It will also offer Micro enterprises with technology hub services, chit funds services (KSFE), and setting up legal clinics within districts for women. For NHGs the government has selected 2018-18 as the developmental year along with setting up training centers district wise.
  • It will also enable insetting up teams for well recharge and Micro plans at the tribal level. It will focus on establishing around 200 school facilities and over 1000 outlets for Broiler chicken units. The government has also selected to set up Defibering Units (500) for coir fibers.
  • The government has announced to set up care executives for Geriatric (1000), and livelihood programs for people belonging to vulnerable groups of the society. It will provide loan facilities for sick units, along with establishing friendly villages for women (14 models).

You can check complete program list here http://www.kudumbashree.org/program-gallery

Program domains

The state government has announced to include three distinct domains set up under the program:-

  • Economic empowerment – this domain includes programs for strategies related to value chain based, collective farming techniques, consortiums and collectives, Micro enterprises, live stock farming, market development and collective farming techniques.
  • Social empowerment – Under this domain government has included programs for challenged persons and mentally retarded persons rehabilitation, programs for children, and rehabilitation program for Destitute identification.
  • Women empowerment – Under this government has announced to include programs for eradication of violence against women and gender awareness program for self learning.

Three tier community network

Under this program the government has set up three different tiers which include:-

  • Primary level – This is also the lowest level in the program that is set up for NHGs (Neighborhood Groups).
  • Ward level – at this level the state government has included ADS (Area Development Societies) that will be placed at the Middle level in the program.
  • Government level – This tier has been included at the local government level for CDS (Community Development Societies) which is also at the highest level of the program.

Apart from helping in eradicating poverty within the state the program also aims at improvising support structure and leadership under the Kudumbashree family. The mission also includes district and state missions including social development, support development and livelihood development at state and district level.

Kudumbashree makes entry into e-commerce platform

With increasing trend of online e-Commerce web portal services, Kudumbashree has finally announced to launch its web portal e-commerce services. So if you are one amongst who wants to purchase any Kudumbashree product then you can directly visit the online portal and visit their updated gallery. The new web portal is titled as http://kudumbashreebazaar.com/ and can be reached from your web browser.

The web portal service was officially launched by K T Jaleel – Administrative Minister- Thiruvananthapuram. The official launch was inaugurated on 21st February 2018 at Kanakakunnu Palace. So the web service is available for any customer who is interested in purchasing Kudumbashree product within the state.

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