Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Yojana

Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Yojana

Legal assistance is one of the grave issues for people in this country – especially in the village levels. Everyone is well aware that the lawyer charges are high, and matters that require legal assistance can be costly. However, at the time of such issues, people are often cheated because they cannot afford proper legal counsel. To solve this issue, the Odisha government has come forward with a proper scheme.

Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Yojana

This scheme has been launched by the Chief Minister of Odisha Mr. Naveen Patnaik with the aim to help the poor people get proper legal counsel. As per this scheme, the people at the Panchayat level can get free legal assistance.

This scheme will benefit the poor people at the village level to get the right guidance in accordance with their issues. Many a times the poor do not receive the proper help because they are unable to understand the legal matters. But now this problem has been addressed by the Odisha government.

What exactly are the aims of the government?

The aims behind bringing out such as a scheme are the following –

  • As announced by the CM in the inauguration event of this scheme, the Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Yojana will help people understand what their legal rights are. It will ensure that the poor people are not mistreated or taken advantage of because they do not understand their rights. It will help them get the right sound advice.
  • The people will not just be supported, but they will also be taught how they can support themselves in matters related to law and order.
  • Under this scheme there will be an assistance cell called the Madhubabu Ayeen Sahayata Kendra which will be built in the Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra or Panchayat Office.
  • The Sibir or the gatherings will be held every Saturday (or a maximum of 4 days every month) to settle the disputes between the families.
  • Issues that are especially afflicting to the poor, the women, the old and the under powered will be the ones that will be addressed as per this scheme.
  • Apart from these, the government also gave appointment letters to the law practitioners saying that these practitioners would help improve the condition of the state by brining sound legal advice and assistance at the doorstep of every individual.

Things to note

This scheme has been specifically designed to help every member of the state – but the stress being on the poor and underprivileged. The CM also assigned 20 IT experts who would help generate innovative ideas for the welfare of the state under this Yojana.

Also, under this scheme, every law official will be paid Rs. 500. Apart from these, PEOs will be awarded to the management of the legal cells.

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