Maharashtra Smart Ration Card 2020

Maharashtra Smart Ration Card – Download, Register, Application Process, Check Status

The Maharashtra Smart Ration card is the future of ration cards which takes it a notch up by adding some technological enhancements into it. It is a move to make the use of ration cards much easier for people.

maharashtra smart ration card

Smart Ration Card Details

  • It is a digital card which will contain your address, your full name, the photograph of the head of your family and such details. It will also contain within it the details of the other members of the family.
  • It will just make the system of purchasing ration more convenient for each household as the system will get digitized. It will also make it easier for the government to check corruption.

How to apply for smart ration card

To apply for the scheme, you have to follow these steps –

  • Step 1: Go to this link you can also change the language of the page by going to the black region and clicking on “Marathi”.
  • Step 2: After going to this link you will see that there is an option called “Application for a new ration card” at the side of the page.
  • Step 3: Click on “Application for a new ration card.” It will open a new page. This link is only for those who are registering for the first time.
  • Step 4: Assuming you have clicked on “Form 1: Application for a new ration card” you can see that this opened a new link on a new tab called “Namuna 1.”
  • Step 5: Save this PDF file and take a print out. This is your online form which you have to fill offline and submit at your nearest office.

Note: Make sure that you affix a Rs. 2 court fee stamp when submitting the application form.

Documents Required

  • Driving License: You have to provide a driving license if you have. If you do not have then you will have to furnish other details mentioned below.
  • PAN Card: To obtain the smart ration card, you have to provide the details of your PAN card.
  • Utility bills: Utility bills, preferably electricity bill must be provided. The electricity bill is essential because it is often used to verify your address.
  • Aadhar card: You have to furnish your Aadhar card because your Aadhar number will be required in order to obtain the smart ration card.
  • Voter ID card: With the Voter ID card your verification of credentials shall be completed. Also, it acts as a good measure of DOB verification.

How to check status

Checking the status is easy. All you have to do is go to their portal and feed in the ration card number. The details of the process is listed below –

  • Step 1: Go to the main page with the link mentioned above and from the left hand side click on “Transparency Portal.” Or you can also directly click on this link –
  • Step 2: On this page you will see there are many bulleted options. From them you will have to click on “Allocation Generation Status” or you can also go directly to this link –
  • Step3: Here you will be asked to enter your ration card details. Once you enter the details, the status of your allocation will be shown.

Note: The site may show “an error has occurred” from time to time due to server overload. Keep trying and you will land on the page when there is less traffic.

Helpline number

You can also call them for details at their toll free number which is – 1800 22 4950. If you are a BSNL or MTNL user then you can also call them at 1967 – which is again a toll free number.

The smart ration card will bring a number of benefits to the BPL category. It will also make it easier for the government to manage the databases of the people obtaining the benefits of ration. It is also a great move to curb corruption.

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