(mhis.nic.in) Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) Meghalaya – Check Beneficiary list, Hospital List, Online Registration @mhis.nic.in/

Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) Meghalaya – Check Beneficiary list, Hospital List, Online Registration @mhis.nic.in/

Meghalaya state government has started a Universal Health Insurance Scheme namely Megha Health Insurance Scheme. Under this scheme all the inhabitants of the state except for the government employees (state and central) will get health insurance from the state government. The scheme is following the format and guidelines of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana.

Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) Meghalaya

Launch Details

On 15th of Dec in the year 2012, then Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma has introduced the insurance scheme. Immediately after the official launch of the scheme, it has started implementing. This year in 2017, the scheme will start its 3rd phase of operation. From 1st Mar17, the third phase of the scheme has started.

The enrolment time under the scheme lasts for 4 months, from March to June. Within these 4 months beneficiaries will have register and enrol under this scheme.

Key Features

  • Objective: According to the scheme, the main aim of starting it is to provide enough financial aid to all the citizens of the state of Meghalaya at the time of his/her admission in hospitals.
  • Phases of the scheme: The scheme has implemented on the basis of different phases. Till now two phases have completed.
  • Third phase of the scheme: As per the reports the Meghalaya government has stated that this year in 3rd phase each family will get coverage on floater basis. Senior citizens will get additional facilities. Along with financial aid, the third phase has said to offer higher amount of coverage and high enrolment fees than previous two phases.
  • Premium: Under this scheme the premium will be paid by the state government of India, only a portion of enrolment fee shall be given. The beneficiaries will have to pay Rs. 50/- per annum as enrolment charges to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • Tenure of the scheme: Technically it is a short term insurance scheme. The tenure of the scheme is only 1 year. However if the beneficiary wants to continue with it, a minimal charge/fee will have to pay to renew the scheme for another year.
  • Health Smart card: As said that the scheme will follow the format and rules of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana, MGHI beneficiaries can use the Health Smart Card under RSBY. That smart card must be issued in the name of the beneficiary. This smart card has to be renewed by the beneficiary every year. A nominal renewal fee should be given by the applicant to renew the card.
  • Implementation: An insurance company namely New India Assurance Company Ltd is supervising and financing the entire project.
  • Floater system: The financial aid will be provided at floater system per family. This means the entire amount can be used by a single person in the family or can share the money for treatment. There must not be more than 5 people in the family.
  • Packages: There are a number of packages available under the scheme. These packages include special treatment packages and surgical packages.
  • Scheme coverage: Under the scheme if there is no need for hospitalization of the person for more than 24 hours then the scheme will not provide any financial assistance. On the other outdoor expense that is OPD costs will not be covered by the scheme.

Financial Assistance Details

  • Under this scheme the two phases are already done. In the previous two phases, the state government has provided Rs. 1, 60, 000/- coverage to each family on floater system. The enrolment fee, at that time, was Rs. 31/- per person.
  • In the third phase the amount has risen up to Rs. 2, 80, 000/- per family on floater system. Enrolment fees for this year will be Rs. 50/- per annum. No other fees or charges will be charged.
  • Additional senior citizen health insurance is available for the senior citizens of the state under this scheme. Rs. 30, 000/- additional coverage will be available for the senior citizens.

Eligibility of the scheme –

  • The scheme is called the universal scheme, so no doubt it is for all the people who are going to hospitalize. At the time of hospitalisation only the coverage will be provided.
  • Beneficiaries have to belong to the state Meghalaya. Senior citizens who are already enrolled under RSBY will get benefits of MHIS as well.
  • The health smart card is mandatory for the scheme. Beneficiaries who don’t have smart card are needed to issue the cards to get the benefits of the scheme.
  • No government officers or employees are allowed to register or enrol under the MHIS. None of the family members of the government employees can enrol under the scheme.

How to apply for the scheme

To apply for the scheme one has to issue the Health Smart Card. To get the card beneficiary is required to visit the nearest district offices that have a list of eligible people under the scheme prepared by the insurance company.

How to check beneficiary list

In the last two phases almost 50% of the total population in the state had enrolled under the scheme. This year it is speculated that the rest half of the population will enrol under the scheme. As of now nearly 9 Lac beneficiaries have been enrolled under MHIS. The complete list is not available for download but the beneficiary can check their name by clicking on https://mhis.org.in/#name-search-modal.

Hospital List

There are 165 government hospitals including private nursing homes and health care institutions are enlisted under the scheme. Apart from these hospitals there are 30 more hospitals outside Meghalaya have been enlisted under the scheme as well. The complete list of the hospitals will be available in this link https://mhis.org.in/#hospital-search-modal.

Helpline Number, Official Website

To know more about the scheme and the coverage details anyone can visit their official website http://mhis.nic.in/ or call on their toll free helpline number 1800 212 3650. There is a grievance section under this scheme too. Those who have complaint against the scheme or scheme related issue can go to their official website https://mhis.org.in/grievances.

This scheme will be helpful for all the people in the state. Unlike RSBY where only BPL card holders are eligible, MHIS is providing medical treatment for pre-existing diseases as well.

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