MOITRI Scheme Assam

MOITRI (Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image) Scheme In Assam

The state government of Assam has launched a new scheme to remodel the police stations of the state and to ensure the police stations of the state are people-friendly. The scheme has been named MOITRI where MOITRI stands for Mission of Overall Improvement of Thana for Responsive Image. This redevelopment procedure of the police stations provide several new facilities and it will also upgrade any type of backdated facility and it will use a modern and scientific human approach to make the police stations more helpful to people. This scheme will also ensure that the dedication of the police force is always towards the people of the state.

MOITRI Scheme In Assam

Launching Details of MOITRI Scheme

Scheme Name MOITRI Scheme
Launched By Sarbananda Sonowal (CM of Assam)
Launched On 23 February, 2018
State Assam
Target Improving Police Stations
Supervised By State Government of Assam

Key Features MOITRI Scheme

  • The main objective of the MOITRI Scheme is to create a people-friendly environment and for that the government will improve the physical condition of the police stations and also trees will be provided to maintain the natural beauty of the station which will also work as a eco-friendly environment.
  • Under the MOITRI Scheme, the condition of the police stations will be improved through the help of digitalization and thus the people of the state will be able to get any information or make any complaint using the digital facilities.
  • The State Government of Assam will be completing the scheme in phases and the government will refurbish 346 police stations within 2023 under the scheme. Assam government will categorize all the police stations and there will be three categories such as Rural, Town & Metro.
  • Assam government will provide a fixed sum of 2 crore INR to redevelop each police stations. Under the first phase, the government has allocated a total amount of 125 crore INR which will be used to redevelop 73 police stations.
  • The 346 police stations covered under the MOITRI scheme will be transformed into centers for PSDS (Public Service Delivery System). The main motive of the scheme is to convert and remodel all the police stations in such a way that distance between the common people and the police force is abridged.
  • This scheme will make life easier for the people going to the police stations and for that the people of the state will be provided with a waiting lounge facility which will ensure that they are comfortable while waiting for their turn. The scheme will also ensure a reception is created at all the police stations so that the common people are able to gather information about different things of the station. Also, sufficient drinking water facility and improved toilet conditions will be ensured in the police stations.
  • MOITRI Scheme will provide several digital technology systems such as video conferencing, internet connectivity, etc. One of the unique features of the scheme is that it will provide all necessary apparatus by which all cyber-crimes will be able to be detected by the police force and subsequently it will improve the technology condition of the state.
  • Under the MOITRI scheme, the prisoners of different genders will be separated as the government will ensure different cells for females. Also, a separate entrance for women to the police stations will be ensured. The government will also ensure children are able to enter along with women to the police station through a different entry gate.
  • Overall, MOITRI scheme promises the people of the Assam state to ensure a more people-friendly layout in the police stations as this scheme will improve the physical infrastructure of the police stations. The boundary walls of the stations will also be developed under the scheme.

MOITRI Scheme will be very helpful to the citizens of Assam and they are also very enthusiastic about the new scheme. This scheme will not only develop the police stations but also it will provide training to the police officials. Overall, this scheme is bound to improve the relationship between the common people and the police force of the state.


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