Nal Jal Scheme in MP

Nal Jal Scheme – scheme for Providing Pure water to Villagers

The Public Health Department of MP state is implementing different drinking water schemes for rural areas in Madhya Pradesh.  Implementation of the Nal Jal Schemes for water supply in rural areas is done on June 6, 2012 by the Public Health Department of MP. This scheme basic aim is to provide pure water to all the villages which are unable to get pure water. State Government has given administrative approval of Rs 1.26 crores for Nal Jal Schemes in three villages of MP state under National Rural Drinking water Programmed.


Nal Jal Scheme – scheme for Providing Pure water to VillagersNal Jal Scheme – scheme for Providing Pure water to Villagers

Vision of this Nal Jal Scheme which was implemented in the state of Madhya Pradesh is to provide better water supply to the state people. The basic target of the scheme is to provide pure water to all the villager of state means Tap water for all.

Chief Target of the Scheme

  • The scheme ensures the supply of the sufficient and safe drinking water to rural households throughout the year and The Geological and joint use of surface water resources.
  • Operation and maintenance of the state’s rural Nal Jal Scheme by the state government is to make sure proper supply of water to the village. Efforts are being made to increase the supply to 55 liters in the settlements.
  • Produce water drainage and treatment of sewage and implementation of plans in urban areas and rural areas. An initiative for inclusive urban growth and to cut wastage of water at public taps by implementing the Nal Jal Scheme
  • Drinking water schemes and water from sewage drainage schemes at the state level must be at the top so that basic requirement of water for villagers can be complete.

New Decision Regarding Nal Jal Scheme

Bhopal Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Monday at a meeting of the State Public Health Engineering Department order to deliver piped pure water to every home in the village under the Nal Jal Scheme. He instructed to create a blueprint for delivering drinking water. The Chief Minister orders that there should be no problem of drinking water in the drought-affected areas, so the arrangements for it should be done from now. The water projects to be implemented in the time frame.

Mr. Chouhan the CM of the Madhya Pradesh has directed that all the villages in the state through the Nal Jal Scheme to provide drinking water to households must be complete on priority basis. The availability of drinking water in the villages makes scientific and technical surveys. Nal Jal Scheme in rural areas is to ensure that the plan be handled well. The meeting was informed that at present 12 thousand 131 villages have Nal Jal Scheme. And now it is planned that this Nal Jal Scheme will implement in Forty thousand 800 villages in 14 districts.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan also conveyed that the state government would assurance free pure drinking water to all households by mean of taps and also helps people guard themselves from diseases being caused due to open defecation once these schemes were implemented. He said people living below and above the poverty line could take benefit of Nal Jal Scheme equally

Scheme Status

Though, the scheme has raised several doubts among the public and the opposition parties in the state, it is pretty clear that the ruling government will take all the necessary steps to make this scheme as a successful one. Even they have to move long to get pure water. That is reason that government decides to take this scheme from Panchayats and handed over to contractors. Government authority thinks that contractors can handle this scheme properly and can arrange pure water for villagers.  Government given has decided to carry on this water contract for next 10 years. Government wants that Transparency and quality must be maintained in the working process.

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