3 New Schemes by Chhattisgarh govt – Mukhya Mantri Shala Suraksha Scheme, Muskan Pustakalaya Yojana, Activity Books Yojana

3 New Schemes by Chhattisgarh govt – Mukhya Mantri Shala Suraksha Scheme, Muskan Pustakalaya Yojana, Activity Books Yojana

Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh state Dr. Raman Singh has recently launched 3 different schemes for the women in the state. These schemes will be implemented soon to encourage primary education of the girls of Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh Mukhyamantri Shala Suraksha Yojana

Launch Details

On 14th Nov 2017, on the occasion of Children’s Day CM has launched these three special schemes. Bal Mela (Child Fair) was held in Pandit Ravi Shankar Stadium Fort on that day. Chief Minister in association with Private School Association, District Education Department and State Scout Guide has officially announced about these three schemes.

Key Features

  • The beneficiaries: The bunch of schemes will be beneficial for the girls of the state. Young girls who are school students will get the benefit of these schemes.
  • Objective: The purpose of the scheme is to provide safety to the school going children and also to provide health related solutions to them.
  • Activities of students: According to the chief commissioner of scout Guide there are 17, 049 students who did well and keep performing well in many activities. They will be awarded along with their parents.
  • Planetarium: On this occasion CM stated that a planetarium will be established inside Pandit Ravi Shankar Stadium Fort. This will let the students to enjoy the virtual solar system. They can learn many things from the planetarium.
  • Education Campaign: To enhance the quality of study in schools in Chhattisgarh, APJ Abdul Kalam Education Quality Campaign will also start soon in the state, said Dr. Singh.
  • Souvenir: CM Singh has also published a souvenir about the Shala Suraksha Scheme and a booklet that contains other schemes and their importance.

Mukhya Mantri Shala Suraksha Scheme

This scheme is launched for the safety and health problems of the students. Under this scheme students will get safe and healthy environment to study. This will be done following all the legal direction. The authority will have to audit the reports on yearly basis to show the progress of the scheme.

Muskan Pustakalaya Yojana

Muskan Pustakalaya Yojana is launched to provide books to the students at lower price. Under this scheme school children will get books at much cheaper price compare to market rate. Besides some of the special books will be given free of cost to the students. Also under this scheme audio books will be provided. Through these audio books students can listen and understand the stories better.

Activity Books Yojana

Activity Books Scheme is launched for the first and second grade students. Under this scheme the students will have to participate in various activities. They will get to learn many things through all the activities they will perform. It will be much easier for them to understand and study things under this scheme.

As per the announcement the schemes will start implementing in primary schools within a month. CM said all of these three schemes will start operating in this current academic session. It is necessary to encourage girl education and especially primary education in the state. To make it possible these three progressive schemes have launched.

Other Scheme –

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