Mukhya Mantri Swayam Sahayta Bhatta Yojana Bihar

Mukhya Mantri Swayam Sahayta Bhatta Yojana Bihar 

Several states in India are developing and that is leading to the development of the nation. The Mukhya Mantri Swayam Sahayta Bhatta Yojana Bihar is helping the state to have better facilities for the students who are struggling to find the right job for setting their career.

Under this scheme, the government has taken an effective initiative for the youth. Through such schemes the unemployed youths are assisted to find the job and thereby helping the youths to get the financial support.

About the scheme

The scheme had helped the unemployed to find the right job for themselves. The unemployed youths are provided with an assistance of Rs 1000 by the Bihar government to look for the job. The assistance would be provided to the youths for two years and during these two years they had to find a job.

The scheme was named after the chief minister and from 15th of September, the trial basis was started. Finally on 2nd of October it was launched because the trial basis was found successful during the allotted span. Under this particular scheme two other schemes are also implemented within the state and these schemes are Kaushal Vikas Yojana and student credit card scheme.

Eligibility criteria

Here are some of the criteria that should match the candidate in order to have the benefits of the scheme:

  • The students who have completed 10+2 degree, they should have the certificates that should provide the evidence of their qualification.
  • The candidate who is eligible for the scheme should be unemployed and these people should have the interest to have the job. Thus the scheme can help you to earn the opportunity.
  • The scheme that is specified for these people is limited for certain duration and this duration is extended up to two years.
  • As the scheme is applicable for the residents of Bihar so the candidate should be a citizen of Bihar and that will help the development of the state.
  • There are several people who are already having the support from the bank through several loans and for such candidate the scheme is not eligible. The eligible candidate should have noi support.
  • The self employed students cannot expect to have any support from the scheme because this scheme is only specified to those people who are completely unemployed.

How to apply

The students who are into such category can apply for the through the online. The online applications can be through the mobile applications. The online application through the mobile is under process and it is expected that it will launched soon. The students can easily download this particular application and make their mobile more effective for getting into such useful act without any hassle.


The scheme introduced by Nitish Kumar has been very effective and it has made the chief minister proud and thus helped the state of Bihar to have better development. The scheme has also helped the morale of the students of Bihar to have better moral and thus get motivated to have better job opportunities.

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