Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Suraksha Yojana in Chhattisgarh

Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Suraksha Yojana in Chhattisgarh – Registration Process, Check Application Status @

A country or state cannot develop if the future or the children are not in optimum health conditions. With proper treatment, the sick children will get a chance to prosper. The government of Chhattisgarh had implemented Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Suraksha Yojana. Another name for the program is Chief Minister Child Heart Scheme and it was implemented with the primary aim of giving children with heart conditions a proper treatment, free of cost.

Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Suraksha Yojana Chhattisgarh

Launch details of the scheme

The Chief Minister Child Heart Scheme was announced by the state government in 2008. The announcement was made by the CM Mr. Raman Singh. The activities, implementation of the facilities, financial expenses and allocations will be done under the watchful eyes of the Health & Family Welfare Department of Chhattisgarh.

Key features of the scheme

  1. Promoting health care facilities – Any person, young or old, rich or poor might get affected by any heart ailment. The authority will aim at assisting the target section in getting rid of the sickness. It can be done by developing the medical treatment facilities further.
  2. Creating health care awareness among the people – The announcement and the following press releases in all leading newspapers and media houses were ways of enhancing the awareness level of people aware about health facilities, available in the state.
  3. Catering to the sick children – It has been mentioned that the scheme will only provide financial assistance to the children of poor families. The age of the children has been specified at 0 to 15 years.
  4. Number of beneficiaries – The state government has declared and published an official report that more than 4000 such candidates have already been benefited with the free heart treatment from the select hospitals.
  5. Monetary assistance for minor operations – If the doctors have checked and prescribe a minor heart operation for the child, then then state authority will provide a monetary assistance of Rs. 1.3 lakhs.
  6. Monetary assistance for major heart operations – Open heart surgeries or other major and complex operations will be tackled by providing a financial assistance of Rs. 1.5 lakhs.
  7. Monetary assistance for replacing the heart valve – Replacing one or more valves of the heart is a very complicated and time consuming surgery. It is also very expensive. To bring it within the reach of the poor families, an aid of Rs. 1.8 lakhs will be provided.
  8. Monetary assistance for stent operation – If the child has the requirement of operating the stent in the heart, then the families will be supported by the state authority with a sum of Rs. 50000.
  9. Other heart related ailments – Apart from these problems, financial aid is available for the needy families if the children need a pacemaker installation heart or in case the two stents need to the operated.
  10. Treatment in selected medical facilities – Not all private or public hospitals will be allowed to provide the benefits of the scheme. The state officials have made and published a list of such medical centers that have the grant of treating and operating such patients. The list can be acquired by clicking on the link
  11. Treatment in other states – In case the complexity of the case urges the need of transferring the candidate to a better facility, located in another state, the state medical college can grant this permission with a referral certificate. In this case, an amount of 1.3 lakhs will be given to the other hospital.
  12. Depositing money in the hospital’s account – Unlike many other schemes, here, the state government officials of the respective department will send the money via bank transactions, directly into the account of the medical facility where the child is treated.
  13. Keeping the family members updates – As the medical facilities can be acquired in the hospital, the doctors and nurses will keep the members of the kin updates accordingly.
  14. Transportation facility – Once the surgery of the child is complete and he/she has recovered to some extent, the state authority will also arrange a vehicle that will take the patient from the nursing home to the doorsteps of his/her house.
  15. Free checkups post operation – The scheme also states that the serving hospital has the responsibility of checking the status of the patient after a certain time. There will be three such free of cost checkups.

Diseases listed under the scheme

The following are the seven major heart related disease, which have been brought under the grant list. One can click on the link and get the details from the official web page.

  1. Ventricular Septal Defect or CSD
  2. Tertaralogy of Fallot or TOF
  3. Atrial Defect or ASD
  4. Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA
  5. Coarctation of Aorta or COA
  6. Tertaralogy of Fallot or TOF
  7. RHD along with Valvular Disease

Eligibility criteria for the scheme

  1. Residential proof – The state government is sponsoring and funding the scheme. So only the legal residents of the state will get the opportunity of applying and getting the free treatment facilities.
  2. Age related criteria – It has been highlighted in the draft of the scheme that only the children who fall within the age bracket of 0 to 15 years will be allowed to apply for the program.
  3. BPL category – The aim of the government was to reach out to the poor and needy patients primarily. For now, only the people who fall within the BPL category will be able to register.
  4. Income related requirement – It has been mentioned that the total yearly income of the family cannot excess the mark of one lakh. If it does, the candidates will be ruled out of the program.
  5. No government servants – Those children will not be allowed to opt for the monetary and medical assistance who have parents, working in any government sector.

Important documents required for application

  1. A document of residential proof – The advantage of acquiring the free treatment facility has been reserved for all children who are residents of Chhattisgarh. So, residential documents must be submitted with the form.
  2. BPL certificate – The poor and the needy sections is the target group under the scheme. Thus, attaching the BPL certificate with the application form is mandatory.
  3. Income certificate of the family – The state authority will only select candidates who have an annual family income that is less than 1 lakh. The claim must be supported with proper income certificate.
  4. Medical papers – The history of the patient, reports and recommendation of the doctor and all other case related medical documents must be attached with the application form.
  5. Aadhar card – The Aadhar code of the patient is a must. It will assist the authority in tracking the progress of the program and a tab on the patients in the future.
  6. Age certificate of the patient – As there is an age related criteria, adequate age proof must be provided with the registration form. It will assist the officers in doing the verifications.

How to apply under the scheme?

  1. To get the benefits of the scheme, the parents need to register the name and health condition of the child. The information is available on the authorized site of the program. Clicking on the will take you to the home page.
  2. Once the page has opened, the interested candidate has to download the application from by clicking on the tab that is marked as “Download Application.” The link will give you access to the form.
  3. The PDF file must be downloaded and then a printout must be taken. Once you have the printout, you have to fill in the form with all required details.
  4. Then the required documents must be attached with the form and it has to be submitted to the office of the health officers. These officers are entrusted with the task of marking the sick candidates on the block level.
  5. They will give you an application ID and a password. It will come in handy in the future.

How to check the status of the application?

For checking the status of the application, the candidate will have to click on the official link of the scheme and then click on the tab that is marked as “Application status.” One can also get to the page by clicking on the link Here, the candidate will have to type in respective application number that has been provided by the healthy officers. Then the candidate has to click on the “Search button. It will highlight the information about the current standing of the application.

Official website and Helpline number

If you want to acquire more information about the scheme or desire to apply for the financial and other benefits, then you must visit the official website of the welfare project. The page can be reached by clicking on the link

One can also dial the helpline numbers and get the necessary details free of cost. The helpline numbers are 0771-2235616, and 0771-4026201 via telephone or Fax. The official toll free number is 104.

Till date, the scheme has given free heart treatment to many selected and eligible candidates. With access to developed and cost effective treatment, the once sick children and living life just like the normal kids. There is no bigger wealth than the health of the person.

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