Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana Himachal Pradesh – 80% financial assistance in Bee farms bussiness.

Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana Himachal Pradesh – 80% financial assistance in Bee farms bussiness.

The state government of Himachal Pradesh has announced the launch of the new employment based scheme for the youth of the state. The new scheme is termed as ‘Mukhya Mantri Madhu Vikas Yojana’. Under the new scheme the state government has announced to encourage the youth of the state for breeding Honey bees in Bee farms.

Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana Himachal Pradesh

Launch details

As per the government updates, the benefit will directly be available to the Youth of the state of Himachal Pradesh to help opt for better employment generation benefit. The Madhu Vikas Yojana is a type of scheme that will encourage more number of youths to step forward and get benefit under self employment scheme in bee farms for bee breeding.

Budget allocation

The state government has also announced that for effective implementation of the new scheme state wide it has decided to set a budget of Rs 10 crore for investment under this scheme. The financial assistance of around 80 percent at the time of establishment will be offered to the unemployed youth of the state who wants to avail benefit under this scheme.

Details of Mukhya Mantri Madhu Vikas Yojana

  • The new scheme that has been announced for implementation is expected to offer with benefit to the youths of the state so they can get involved in different types of employment opportunities related to the Bee breeding and honey production business.
  • For effective implementation the state government will also direct the scheme at the block level for implementation. This will further make the process of implementation of the scheme much easier for the youths benefit.
  • Under this scheme the state government aims that it will help in development of the state and youth.

Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana Benefits

  • One of the main benefits offered under this scheme is that it is a type of employment based scheme so the youths of the state who want to seek employment opportunities will directly be benefited.
  • To effective benefit under the scheme the government has also announced to offer with financial assistance of Rs 10 crore under this scheme for budget 2018-19. Apart from this the additional financial assistance in the form of subsidy will also be offered directly by the state government.
  • The state government has further announced to provide each unemployed youth under the scheme with 80 percent assistance for finance at the time of establishment and start up.
  • For making the process of implementation more effective the government has also planned to target more number of unemployed youths of the state. At the start up level the government has also announced to provide with loan to the beneficiaries for set up of Bee farm.

Mukhyamantri Madhu Vikas Yojana – Application Process

  • Any unemployed youth of the state who wants to take the benefit under this scheme will have to get started for registration by visiting the local Block level office in their districts.
  • The application form for getting registered under this scheme can be directly availed from the respective block offices.
  • The applicants have to submit the application forms after completing the details asked on the form. Apart from this they are also expected to submit required documents along with the application form.

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