Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme in Delhi

Solar Energy Subsidy Scheme in Delhi

The powerloom industry has been growing in size over time. This sector is expected to get some added support for operations through a new scheme that has been introduced by the Delhi government. This new scheme is the Solar Energy Scheme being operated by the Delhi government for a number of functions.

Solar Energy Scheme Introduced By Delhi Government

The scheme is being used to help support smaller powerloom units. These include many that operate with their own energy systems to make it easier for them to work properly. It also helps to promote solar energy, a safer option for energy that is clean and easily renewable. This may assist in reducing the threat of pollution all around Delhi.

Types of plant using Under the scheme

There are two kinds of plants that may be supported by the scheme:

  1. An on-grid plant can be supported. With this, the power tariffs are high due to the extensive amount of work involved. However, the risks of power shortages are minimal because of the added support.
  2. An off-grid plant can also work. This is for cases where on-grid power is not easily available. This may work in areas where added power has to be transmitted to different places without being too hard or complicated to use.

 Subsidy on solar energy by Delhi Govt

Through the Solar Energy Scheme, the government will offer financial assistance through the following setups:

  • A capital subsidy of at least 50 percent will be offered. This may work for 75 or 90 percent depending on the system. This will cover the cost associated with producing and using solar energy.
  • SPV plants will get subsidies from Rs. 2,25,000 to Rs. 8,55,000 depending on how much power the SPV plant can produce. This is also based on the general category that the plant, including SC and ST options, can handle at a given time.

This will all work starting on 1st April 2017. As this works, the scheme will help to get more solar energy produced around the region. As a result, powerlooms can be supported while more support can work for a variety of setups as needed. This should make it easier for this unique form of energy to work all around India.

Delhi Government Budget for Solar Energy Scheme

The Solar Energy Scheme is just one part of a much larger investment that is being used around India. The Delhi Government has particular reserved about Rs. 2,200 crore for the energy sector. This includes around Rs. 1,600 to work as a power subsidy for consumers around the country. This is to help with making it easier for transactions to be handled with ease and without being far too complicated.

The solar energy support will especially be promoted heavily through the use of more solar panels around Delhi. This includes all public buildings with rooftop areas of 500 square metres or greater requiring solar panels. This is help with utilizing more of this unique clean energy option all around the country.

The entire country is aiming to work with more solar power as the benefits of it become more evident. The added investments in this option include the following:

 Key features and future aspects under the scheme

  • Solar parks are to be expanded to 40,000 MW in size all around the country. This is being aimed for 2020 as a means of expanding upon how well people can use solar energy. It may also do well for managing a variety of functions for getting energy to work in many spots.
  • About 50 solar parks are expected to be constructed as a means of making it easier for the setups to work with enough help. The locations of these particular parks will be announced in the future.
  • Some parts of India may also get free access to solar energy. This is especially the case for those who are poor and might not be able to afford the functions that are being handled at a given time. A few parts of Nepal may also be able to get access to some of the free energy stores being produced.

 Other Benefits

  • waste-to-energy :In addition, waste-to-energy plants are being supported around Delhi. These include plants that use municipal solid waste and convert it into energy that can be used in a variety of spaces for all kinds of requirements that people may hold. It should be used around many parts of the country although where in particular is not fully clear at this moment.

By working with these plans for handling different forms of energy, India will be working towards creating cleaner air and getting more renewable energy working properly. The Solar Energy Scheme is expected to be just one part of what makes it easier for people to get more of the setup and to have an easier time with managing funds as needed.

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