Nitish Kumar 7 resolves | Nitish Kumar saat nischay in Bihar

Nitish Kumar 7 resolves | Nitish Kumar saat nischay in Bihar

The Nitish Kumar led government of Bihar is one of the most promising in the country. During the last elections, Nitish Kumar came to power by promising 7 areas he would work on or improve. These 7 resolves are aimed towards strengthening the infrastructure of Bihar and empowering the youth.


Nitish Kumar 7 resolves

This will ensure that there are jobs for the youth. There will even be concession and remuneration for the unemployed who haven’t bagged jobs yet. With these vows, the ministry came into power. From 9th November 2016 to 12th November 2016 the minister will be on ‘Nischay Yatra’, promoting his new venture.

So what are these resolves after all? These are revolving around infrastructure. This is why the government is focusing on making new roads, giving electricity and providing water to each and every part of the state. These are the basic necessities for building an industry. It is clear from these resolves that Bihar is all set to take the high road of development.

Apart from these, youth form a major source of man power. Also, women can be good contributors to the development project. The Bihar government is all set to empower its youth and females.

The main aspects of the 7 resolves are –

Employment of youth and skill development

As we already told you the emphasis is on skill development. Today skill acquiring is a task that youth should focus on while the government ensures that industries are set up to provide them job opportunities.

This is what the government strives to accomplish here. Sadly, the unemployment rate is on the rise. Today in the five years the unemployment rate is at its peak.

The Bihar government has taken a step that will not just empower the youth but will also provide them facilities to empower themselves. This is what the youth of the state will be getting after the proper application of this system –

  • Those who want to start their own business and have the entrepreneurial streak will be provided with venture capital. The entire capacity of capital allotment will be Rs. 500 crore.
  • More than 15 million young people in Bihar will be given skill training. This means that even the youth in the rural areas will be taught how to use the computers and how to improve their language skills. For this purpose 38 centers will be set up all over Bihar.
  • Those who are studying in the 12th class will be given special credit cards. They can also purchase books and stationary with these credit cards. Plus, they will be given loans with a 3% subsidy on the interest rate.
  • Those who are between 20 to 25 years of age will be given special subsidy of Rs. 1000 per month. However this can be availed only for 9 months until they find a job. Any youth can avail this subsidy two times only.


Electricity is a major concern. Without electric supply the entire system would collapse. If there were houses that still did not have electric supply then students would not be able to study. Also businesses would not be able to set up properly. This is why it is important that the electric supply source is set up properly.

To make this possible for the state, the Nitish Kumar led government has targeted electric supply. He promised that within 2 years the villages and the nearby areas will get electric supply.

It must be mentioned that there are still households that are devoid of the basic necessity such as electricity.

Water supply and drainage

In a country that is mainly based on rain water to grow crops, water supply is a major issue. Targeting this sector, the minister planned to connect nearly 1.6 million households in the urban areas with water supply.

The water supply network in Bihar was not very good from the start. Only 10% of the households had a source of clean drinking water and 0.7% of the houses had taps inside their homes.

This means that the condition of clean water to drink was really bad. However Nitish Kumar envisions connecting 17.9 million houses with a source of clean drinking water.

Keeping in line with this, the government is also going to improve the sanitation system. They have planned to build toilets in every house. Yes, it’s true even today the homes are devoid of toilets therefore they have to depend on the surroundings to give them privacy. However, the Nitish Kumar government promised in his 7 resolves that nearly 17.5 million toilets will be built inside homes.

Institutions for higher education

To make the workforce truly skilled, education needs to be provided on technical courses. The unemployed youth of the state needs to be enrolled in nursing colleges, medical colleges, engineering colleges, etc.

To make this a reality, the government has announced that five new colleges will be built. Also medical and nursing colleges will be built properly. The proposition suggests that every district needs to have at least one engineering college. This way the youth can engage themselves in the pursuit of technical knowledge and steer ahead.

To do this, some families might need to ensure that they take educational loans. As already mentioned, subsidized loans will be granted by the government and these loans will be given up to Rs. 4 lakh to each individual.

Empowerment of women

Empowerment of women is a major issue. The women workforce is a lot behind in the state of Bihar. There is a dire need to bring the women forward to ensure a balance in the workforce. This is why more and more women are being asked to join the government and private companies.

However, that is not all. To make sure that the women workers come ahead to participate in the development of the state, the government has actually given 35% reservation to them in all state government jobs. This includes a 35% reservation even in the police force of the state.

A tabular overview of Nitish Kumar 7 resolves

No. Purpose Information
1 Roads connectivity RS. 78000 crores allotted
2 Electricity Rs. 55600 crores allotted
3 Skill Development Kushal yuva program, student credit card
4 Get rid of open defecation by 2019
5 Youth Employment allotment Rs. 49800 crores


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