Rehbar-E-Sehat Scheme In Jammu And Kashmir

Rehbar-E-Sehat Scheme In Jammu and Kashmir (Appointing staff members in various paramedical posts)

The Jammu & Kashmir state government has recently announced about a new scheme namely Rehbar-E-Sehat in the state. Under this scheme the problem of having less paramedical staffs in hospitals will be sorted out. The scheme will be implemented as soon as possible in the state.

Rehbar-E-Sehat In Jammu and Kashmir

Launch Date

On Wednesday, 10th January 2018, the state health ministry has announced about the scheme. Under this scheme newly posts will be created to appoint staff members in various paramedical posts. No further details have been out yet about the scheme’s implementation dates.

Need for the scheme

  • While giving the reply to Member of Legislative Council of J&K Mr. Khurshid, health ministry, Bali Bhagat has stated that many a people are facing problems because of less staffs in the hospitals.
  • A number of vacancies in various medical institutions are available at this moment. However there are no staffs appointed for the same. This leads to lack of enough employees on ground. To reduce such problem this scheme has been launched.


  • Rehbar-E-Taleem: The scheme will be similar to the previously launched scheme Rehbar-E-Taleem. ReT is a scheme under which teachers were appointed back in the year 1998. In this scheme teachers from economically and socially backward classes were being appointed in various posts created by the scheme.
  • Implementation: Rehbar-E-Sehat will follow the same rules like ReT. The authority will create posts for the people who are educated but belong to socially and economically backward classes. By doing so, all the health institutions that are established recently will get more staff in house.
  • Benefits: According to the reports, a large number of new health centres and medical institutions have established in the state. There are a lot of vacancies in those organisations as well. However to fill the vacancies and get the employees in those posts, Rehbar-E-Sehat scheme will help.
  • Beneficiaries: On the other people who are trained and enough educated to get into jobs are not getting employed. More than hundreds of such unemployed will be benefitted from rehbar-E-Sehat Scheme in the state as they will get appointed soon.

Rehbar-E-Sehat scheme will soon start implementing. Information regarding, budget, phases and registration under the scheme haven’t out yet. The authority will soon publish official details to start the scheme in the state.

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