RERA File Online complain against Real State Builder in Maharashtra and Karnataka

RERA Online complain against Real State Builder in Maharashtra ( and Karnataka (

The RERA Act (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) was launched by the central government in 2016, to help protect the rights of the common man against falling prey to unscrupulous builders and property developers. Even if launched by the Central government there are evidences that the Act has not yet been implemented by most States in the country.

RERA act

What is RERA Act?

RERA (Real Estate Regulations And Development) Act is a act that is made to help protect the rights of home buyers. Under the Act it is certain that home buyers can launch or report of any complaint against developers and real estate builders who malpractice and default home buyers.

Under the Act it is certain that each builder and land developer has to follow it as the central government had already declared it mandatory. So the moment any land developer or builder wants to launch his new project then it is certain that he may have to register himself under the RERA act.

The Act launched by the Centre government is yet not very much functional in the country because most states have not managed to implement it at their state level.

Why do we need RERA Act?

  • RERA Act offers protection to home buyers as there are a number of malpractices done by many developers and builders due to lack of proper laws and regulations.
  • Under the RERA act it is certain that each builder and developer is expected to get registered or else he will be entitled for paying a fine of 10 percent of the overall cost of the project along with imprisonment of up to 3 years.
  • It is also certain that at the time of registration of any project the developer is expected to submit complete details related to the project to the authority.
  • It is also mandatory that the developer provides with detailed information related to the projects approved layout plan including agreement, project cost, timeline details that will also be signed by the prospective buyers.
  • Under the new regulation it is mandatory that developers who do not get registered under this act will not be able to advertise their project for the buyers.
  • It is also certain that RERA act will be implemented by each of the state government within their states.
  • Once the Act has been fully implemented then it is certain that buyers will no longer have to go for trials in consumer courts as real estate regulators will help complete the procedure of trials on behalf of the home buyers.
  • Implementation of RERA act will thus ensure that home buyers will not have to waste their time and money going to consumer and sessions courts against any default done by the developers.
  • At the time of registration for any project it is also certain that developers are expected to make a deposit of over 50 percent of the project payment done by the home buyers in the bank account that will only be used by the builder for completing the project on time.
  • It is also certain that the Act will force the builders and developers to make use of the buyer money only for the registered project and at the same time will prevent developers from using that money for other projects.
  • Under the act the developers can ensure that any project signed by the home buyer will be completed within the stated time frame by the developer.
  • Once the RERA act is fully functional then it is certain that the overall cost of the property and homes will be regulated and lowered and so more number of pending projects by the developers will be completed on time this stabilizing the current property market.

How home buyers can file complaints against Real Estate Builders Online

  • Under the RERA Act it is certain that home buyers can now easily register their complaints against defaults done by developers and builders.
  • To register the complaints the central and state governments have launched their online RERA portal services where home buyers can get register their complaints against the builder.
  • Once registered the authority will act against the fraudulent builder to help settle the matter for the home buyers.

How to complaint in Maharashtra?

  • To file a complaint in Maharashtra against fraudulent builder or property agent buyers can log on to the official RERA portal for Maharashtra government
  • You have to select the option for online application and then get registered as new registration.
  • First time users will have to create their account with the web portal and then provide with their details including their name, address and other contact details.
  • Select the new complaints option and provide with complete details of the complaint made. You have to mention the name of the builder and the type of malpractice performed against you by the builder.
  • Buyers may have to submit one time fee of Rs 5000 which can be made via RTGS or NEFT system including any other online mode.
  • The moment your complaint has been submitted then a notification will be send to the developer and home buyer for registering the complaint.
  • Necessary action will be taken by the RERA authority against the builder and you will be notified of the action taken. It is certain that builder will have to act immediately according to the action stated by the RERA authority.
  • In case not satisfied then home buyers can further fill in a petition with the High court for appeal. The RERA authority will transfer the case to the session court for hearing of the complaint.

How to complaint in Karnataka?

  • To file a complaint in Karnataka state you have to visit the online RERA Karnataka portal
  • You then have to select the option for registering complaint from the home page of the website.
  • Next you may have to provide with complete details information including your contact details, name and address.
  • On the web portal it is certain that buyers can now make a request for interim order but all relevant documents should be uploaded by the buyers at the time of registering the complaint.
  • When registering complaints you may have to pay a fee of Rs 1000 via online payment options provided and then submit your complaint.

It is certain that RERA act has been implemented by the government with an aim to protect the rights of the home buyers against falling prey to frauds against builders. Apart from this the authority also ensures that immediate action will be taken up against any complaint made by the buyers. This act will help save a lot of time and money that home buyers have to waste after filing a complaint in sessions and consumer courts.

Apart from this RERA also ensures that the act will prevent builders and developers from challenging the law and system when committing fraud and malpractice. At the same time government can ensure that there are no pending projects by the builders for the money they have taken from the home buyers.

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