(Shriamarnathjishrine.com) Amarnath Yatra 2020 Registration Form, Dates, Package, Schedule, Medical form

(Shriamarnathjishrine.com)  Amarnath Yatra 2018 Registration Form, Dates, Package, schedule, medical form

Application forms have been invited by the Amarnath Shrine Board for 2018 Amarnath Yatra. The facility for getting registered has been provided by the board online. When registering online you will also be eligible for claiming insurance coverage for Rs 1 lakh, accommodation and ration facilities. Any applicant who gets registered online will also be offered with Yatra permit issued by the SASB.

Details of Yatra – 2018

According to the source from the Shrine Board, the Yatra will be organized for 60 days. The Journey will begin from 28th June 2018 and will end on 26th August 2018. Candidates are free to get registered under the Journey from1st march 2018. To get registered you can also visit the Yes bank, J&K bank and PNB banks (440 branches).

Eligible candidates

The government has already made it clear that all candidates who are between age groups of 13 years to over 75 years are eligible to get registered for the Yatra. In case any expected mother is more than 6 week pregnant then she may not be able to get registered for the Yatra.

Application Form – Yatra 2018

  • In order to go for the pilgrimage the candidates can download the application form in the PDF format from the website at shriamarnathjishrine.com.
  • The form can be downloaded in the PDF format that needs to be filled in with your details. Once all details have been filled in then you will have to make the submission at any of the selected bank branches.
  • You also have the convenience of making the submission of the form at selected Nodal bank branch. The moment you submit the form you will be eligible to make the clams for your benefits with the Shrine Board.
  • The moment you have submitted the form to the Nodal officer then the form will be submitted by hand to the SASB CEO latest by September 27th

Health Certificate

From the official website the candidates also have the convenience of downloading the Compulsory Health Certificate (CHC).

  • On the health certificates candidates will have to provide with declaration of their health conditions and other personal details. So if you are suffering from any health related conditions like blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, blood disorder, joint pains, respiratory problems, stroke or heart attack then it is better to declare it on the form.
  • Candidates will also have to provide with details of their past check up history for heart attack and other medical conditions. The Compulsory Health Certificate has to be attested by candidate and professional health expert.
  • The process of registration for the CHC can be made at any of the registered bank mentioned in the above list of approved banks.

Registration procedure for Donations

In case you need to get registered then you just have to follow below mentioned procedure.

  • The candidate has to get started by visiting the online website by clicking the link mentioned above. From the main page of the website you have to make the selection of the “New user” option. You shall be diverted towards the application form.
  • You have to provide with details of information mentioned on the application form. You have to provide with details related to mobile number and address.
  • Once all details have been provided you will have to make selection of submit option. This will ensure that you have completed the registration procedure. You are now free to make your donations to the Shrine Board.

All possible arrangements for sanitation, baths, water, accommodation will be provided by the Shrine Board.

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