Solar Based Irrigation Scheme In Haryana

Solar Based Irrigation Scheme In Haryana

As the New Year has started some of the new initiatives are taken towards development of the nation. Haryana state government has come up with new solar based irrigation system in the state. In a recent event CM of the state has declared about this new electricity saver system that will benefit many farmers in all the districts of the state.

Solar Based Irrigation Scheme  Haryana

Launch Details

Chief Minister of Haryana Shree Manohar Lal Khattar, on 2nd Jan 2018, has declared about this initiative in an event. The project will be initiated by a committee that would be formed by the CM. Chairman of agency of state renewable energy development will lead the committee.

Solar Based Irrigation System – Highlights

  • Pilot basis project: The project has started on pilot basis. Covering 13 districts, the project started implementing in 14 diverse canals across the state. Soon the project will start on permanent basis.
  • Benefits: By implementing such project the state government will be able to save much more electricity than before. Solar based system will also helpful for many farmers and their lands.
  • Budget: The scheme has started with Rs. 24.65 Cr budget for the pilot basis implementation. The state hasn’t announced the budget for next phases of the scheme yet.
  • Canals and water bodies: CM Khattar has stated that the implementation will take place in the water bodies or ponds where water is overflowing. The irrigation department of the state is directed to use those extra water bodies for this project.
  • Infrastructure: The state will provide any kind of infrastructure needed to the farmers who will shift to solar irrigation system from other irrigation system.

How it works

The committee, formed by the CM for this project, will implement the project. They will be responsible for making the strategies and other decisions. Then the committee would prepare a report and submit it to the State authority for further instructions.

According to the CM Khattar the project will be able to save water and electricity in the state. Also it will be economically helpful for the farmers as well. On the other, with the solar based pumps the authority is expecting to supply water to the lands where it is difficult to reach for water body.

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