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Garbage Free Cities under Swacch Bharat Mission Urban

The final results of Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities have come up as has been declared by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs under the central government. According to this, there are 6 cities with 5 Stars, 55 cities with 3 stars, and 70 cities having 1 star under the Swacch Bharat Mission Urban. This apart, revised guideline has come up under the supervision of Hardeep Singh Puri, which relates to Star Rating of Garbage Free Cities initiative.

The Swachh Survekshan is a ranking system, and it is seen that most of the cities, despite utmost cleanliness, fail to be recognized in this initiative. As per the above-said mission, every ward in each city will be measured based on some standards of a total of 24 components, and it would be marked on its basis.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has come up with the Star Rating Protocol on 20th January 2018 to help different cities take part in the initiative and get the garbage-free mark. Through this, it would be easy to maintain cleanliness in the cities. Therefore, the successful implementation of Swacch Bharat Mission Urban has helped maintain top-notch cleanliness in most cities and help the citizens fight better with the pandemic COVID-19. 

Details of Star Rating Protocol versus Swachh Survekshan

A stage-wise assessment has been started under the Star Rating Protocol that helps to ensure a better framework.

  • First stage

In this, the Urban Local Bodies are responsible for suitable furnishing documents detailing progress information within a stipulated time.

  • Second stage

A third party agency is appointed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs that runs a suitable assessment in the second stage. 

  • Third stage

In this, field observations are put into work which analyzes the cities that qualify through the desktop assessment of cleanliness.   

In the Star rating Protocol, different components have been included to maintain perfect cleanliness throughout the city. It includes activities like effective waste management, cleaning the water and drainage system, suitable management of constriction, and demolition of the waste material. These activities are important to attain perfect cleanliness in any city.  Through the solid waste management system, it would be easy to maintain suitable standards of cleanliness in the cities and also maintain sanitization. Therefore, it can be summed up that the Star Rating Protocol is included in the wide framework of Swachh Survekshan that aims at maintaining suitable cleanliness.

Under this, ward-wise geographical mapping will be done along with monitoring. For this, Swachh Nagar Application will be used zone wise in different cities covering up a wide population of over 50 lakhs. The main objective is to have sustainable sanitization across different cities in India. In addition to this, safe transportation, containment, disposal, and better wastewater management will also be taken care of.

For effective solid waste management, the state is concerned about bioremediation of the waste dump areas, no use of plastic in India with better construction for suitable waste management. Only these initiatives by the government bodies can help to make ‘Swachh,’ ‘Sampann,’ ‘Shashakt’ AtmaNirbhar  India.    

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