State Crop Assistance Scheme (Rajya fasal sahayata yojana) in Bihar

State Crop Assistance Scheme (Rajya fasal sahayata yojana) in Bihar Farmers Insurance Eligibility Criteria Application Form Process Loan

The state government of Bihar has announced to introduce the new State crop Assistance scheme. As per the state government it is the first of its kind crop insurance scheme for farmers of the state. The scheme has been launched after being encouraged by the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana already running parallel nationwide. Under the new scheme it is obvious that the state farmers will be offered with coverage against crop damage on account of harsh weather conditions.

State Crop Assistance Scheme in Bihar

Launch Details

Scheme Name Rajya fasal Sahayata Yojana
Launched by CM Nitish Kumar
Supervised by Bihar State Government
Target Beneficiaries Deprived Farmers of the state (Deprived under PM’s Fasal Bima Yojana)
Date To be implemented for FY 2018 Kharif Season

Incentive coverage details under the scheme

  • The new scheme is a type of state sponsored scheme that will offer with full benefit to the state farmers. The state government will carry out the process for introduction of the scheme along with PM’s Fasal Bima Yojana, already existing nationwide.
  • The coverage offered under this scheme will be divided amongst both state and central government alike. The state government officials have made it clear that the central and state government will offer with a coverage of over 49 percent each for crop insurance premium amounts.
  • The state government has also mentioned that a contribution of 2 percent will also be made by the Bihar state farmers under the insurance scheme. The contribution will be made towards the premium amount.
  • The actual production rate will decide the amount of financial assistance that will be offered to the farmers. Rs 7500 per hectare assistance will be offered in case of 20 percent less production. The assistance will be provided for 2 hectares of land.
  • If the drop is below 20 percent then the assistance of Rs 10,000 per hectare will be offered to the farmers for two hectares of land for each farmer.

Key Features

  • As per the government the state farmers will get full benefit and relief under the scheme after implementation. This will prove helpful for making the claims against government for covering losses at the time of crop damage. This will help in covering their losses on account of harsh weather conditions for next harvest season.
  • As per the state government the initiative is also one of its kind that has only been introduced by the Bihar state government for offering benefit to the farmers. The scheme will be regulated for implementation solely by the Bihar state government for state farmers.
  • The new initiative has been taken by the Bihar government with an aim to offer coverage and assistance to maximum farmers as most state farmers are still deprived of the benefits offered to them under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana.
  • The central and state government will be making their parts of contribution in same ratio for paying the premium amount. The farmers of the state will also have to offer with minimum contribution under the scheme.
  • As per the state government stats, till date it is obvious that the amount of Rs 491 crore was already given to the farmers in the fiscal year 2016. The initiative was taken as farmers only received around Rs 225 crore as financial assistance against insurance coverage.

The state government also aims at replacing the new scheme with earlier existing Fasal Bima scheme of the central government. It is expected that the new scheme will benefit more number of small and big farmers within the state.

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