Telangana Health Profile Scheme (Free Medical Facility)

Telangana Health Profile Scheme ‘Healthy Telangana’ (Free Medical Facility)

The Telangana State government has come up with a new scheme namely ‘Telangana State Health Profile’. Under this initiative the Chief Minister of the state has declared ‘Healthy Telangana’ mission where free medical facilities will be provided to the inhabitants of the state. This will be a major health program under which many health and medical facilities will be given to all the people residing in Telangana.

Launch Details

On 14th March 2018, Wednesday, the Chief Minister of Telangana, Shree K Chandrashekhar Rao has announced about the program ‘Telangana State Health Profile’ at state assembly. While launching the program he has stated that all the people including rich, poor, common man, ministers and so on will be benefitted from the program.

Key Features

  • Health Card: Under this program, a health card will be issued in the name of the beneficiaries. They can use the health card to get the benefits under this scheme. This card will be sort of health identity for the citizens.
  • Benefits: Apart from issuing this health card, citizens will get free medical health check-up once a year. According to the CM, it is necessary to diagnose each disease correctly so that people can get proper treatment at proper time. Free health check-ups will be helpful in this case.
  • Eye Check-up: Along with free health check-up, the government will also conduct free eye checkups for the needy people. The authority will distribute spectacles and also will organise cataract surgery for the people who can’t afford it.
  • Beneficiaries: The program will be for all the citizens of Telangana. As the CM has mentioned, from common man to the Governor and from small local bodies to Chief Minister, everyone will be benefitted from the program. No socio-economic, caste or religion restrictions will take place in this program.
  • Implementation: There will be digital data record system where each inhabitant’s details will be saved. Doctors can get the exact detail of the patient from that digital data system. Accordingly, treatment will be done using latest technological medial tools.

Other schemes

  • Apart from the health profile, the CM has also declared about the farmers’ insurance scheme where farmers will get Rs. 5 Lac coverage. Paper work for the scheme is almost done and soon it will start implementing along with the Farmers’ investment scheme, Ryuthu Lakshmi from next Kharif.
  • Apart from this the state government of Telangana will also launch Kalyana Lakshmi & Shaadi Mubarak Scheme for the girls and women in the state. Rs. 75,116 has been allotted to this scheme. CM also ensures increase in income of the Anganwadi workers.

The health profile scheme will soon launch in the state. As per the news most of the documentation and paper work are been done by the authority. The program will launch shortly along with other mentioned scheme in Telangana.


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