Housing scheme for homeless in Kerala – Project Life

Housing scheme for homeless in Kerala – Project Life

After completion of 100 days of the CPM government in the state of Kerala, the state government has launched a new housing scheme for the people of the state namely Project Life. Under this scheme the state government will provide homes to the people who don’t have their own homes. The CM of the state on the occasion of teacher’s day announced the project. the day was also very important to the state government as they have completed 100 days as ruling party in Kerala. The project is yet to launch officially.

Housing scheme for homeless in Kerala - Project Life

Project Life – Key Features

  • Project Life – Livelihood, inclusion, financial empowerment (LIFE) is the state level housing development scheme. It will be started by the state government soon.
  • Under this scheme homeless people in Kerala will get their own homes. Also the authority will provide enough assistance to the occupants to join together with conventional society with the help of social security scheme.
  • The project life will provide homes to 2 Lac families of the state that don’t own homes within next 5 years of time. At the first place the project will be starting on pilot basis for one year.
  • The funding of the project will be completely done by the state government and no intervention from the central government will be there, as per the sources.
  • Homeless people who can’t afford their houses will be eligible to apply under this scheme. However no such rules or regulation are out yet for registration under this project life.
  • There will be a large complex where several flats and homes will be provided to the homeless people. Not all the areas but there will be selected areas where the project will be started.
  • Also the government will look into the matter about the scarcity of the land across the state. The idea of providing complex area is adopted by the government because it takes less land, nearly 1140 acre, whereas providing individual houses will take nearly 6000 acres land.


  • Homeless citizens who can’t afford their own land or homes in the state of Kerala.
  • Single mother, women households, families with old people or ill people, families with girl students under 15 years of age and such.
  • People who are the survivors of flood or any natural calamities, riots or any kind of violence, domestic violence and such.


  • At the first place the scheme will be started in three zones on pilot basis. The zones are North, South and Central Kerala. In each zone there will be two housing complexes will be built. Total 6 will be built in different talukas.
  • Initially the flats will be provided to 600 families within a year of time during the pilot period of the scheme.
  • Project LIFE will be providing housing complexes only to the homeless people as they have to keep in mind about the scarcity of the land across the state. As mentioned individual houses will cover nearly 6000 acres land whereas housing complexes cover only 1140 acres land in total.
  • Within 5 years 2 Lac families will get their houses in several places in the state of Kerala.


The scheme is yet to launch officially. As per the sources the scheme will be launched officially on 1st November 2016. As of now The CM of Kerala has only declared about the project on the celebration day of their 100-days completion as a ruling party on 5th September 2016.

Project LIFE – Quick View

Scheme Project LIFE
Launched in Kerala
Launched by State Government
Launched on 1st November 2016
Beneficiaries Homeless citizens of Kerala, women and single mother led families, families with old and ill people and girl students under 15 years
Time span 5 years
Target 2 Lac families

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