Kerala Life Mission Housing Scheme

Kerala Life Mission Housing Scheme – 5.13 Lakh Free Houses for Homeless People

The state government of Kerala has announced to construct over 5.13 lakh homes under affordable house scheme (Kerala Life Mission). As per the government the homes will be distributed to the homeless and needy people for free of cost. As per the government it has also stated that each house constructed under the scheme will measure over 500 square meter in dimension and will be constructed by investing Rs 4 lakh for each affordable home.


LIFE Mission Scheme

  • As per the state government the LIFE mission scheme has been introduced as a part of the PMAY (Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana). The scheme itself represents LIFE (Livelihood Inclusion and Financial Inclusion).
  • As a part of implementation program an approval for providing over 513000 homes has been made by the state government. For effective implementation the government has also announced the launch of Online web portal services for inviting application forms from the people.
  • Each individual who wants to take benefit under this scheme will be able to register for affordable home at

Set Budget

As a part of the PMAY drive for Kerala state the government has announced to offer a set budget of Rs 2500 crore for construction of affordable homes for the year 2018-19. The final decision was taken by the Cabinet on 27th February 2018 for approval of extra budget of Rs 459 crore under the scheme.

Recommendations made by cabinet

  • As per the latest recommendations made by the committee, a modification has been made to the PMAY scheme introduced by the central government. As per the PMAY regulations, an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh would be provided by the central government while local, state government and individuals have to make a contribution of Rs 50000 each for affordable home.
  • As a part of modification the Kerala state government has announced that the users share would in fact be removed under the LIFE scheme such that the central government would have to contribute an amount of Rs 1.5 lakhs while the local government would contribute Rs 2 lakh and the state government will provide with Rs 50,000 contribution.
  • This would increase the cost of each affordable housing under LIFE scheme to Rs 4 lakh such that users or beneficiaries will not have to invest any money in the scheme for getting homes.
  • Apart from this the government has also stated that an amount of Rs 1 lakh will also be  given for funding homes that are not eligible as per PMAY norms while the remaining amount will be covered by the local government.
  • The state government has also ensured that it shall help in setting up new financial institutions to help raise funds for the local government to help construct homes. The local government is expected to use deductions made against future plans for raising initial funds for the scheme implementation. The interest on the loan amount will be paid by the state government.

Beneficiaries list by the government under LIFE Mission

  • The Housing scheme is being monitored by Pinarayi Vijayan (CM Kerala state) and so far the government ha prepared a list of 513000 beneficiaries under LIFE Mission scheme. The government has mentioned to provide over 176000 homes by the year 2018-19.
  • It is also expected that by March 2018 the state government will have completed constructing over 66750 homes under the scheme. From the over all number government has selected 6000 fisher men, 14085 ST people and 75065 SC people for first phase home distribution.
  • To make the program more efficient private sector companies are willing to offer with their contributions at subsidized rates to the government.

Phase 1 List – LIFE Mission

  • Interested candidates who wish to view the complete beneficiary list for the Phase 1 of the Mission can log on to the official website using the link provided above and download the PDF format of the list updated.
  • Apart from this candidates can also view the report of the ongoing project at any phase by logging on to the official website or by clicking the link
  • Progress report for 1st march 2018 can be viewed in PDF format using the link

The LIFE Mission has been implemented by the state government to provide with affordable homes free of cost for needy people and help in providing better infra structure. It also focuses on other sectors including agriculture and natural resources maintenance.

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